Coal Creek Distillery
Crested Butte, Colorado

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Quality from the ground up at 9000 feet

Coal Creek Distillery is a craft distillery centered in the mountains of Crested Butte. 22+ years of distilling wisdom combined with the fresh water of the mountains and proprietary process produces highly sought after Whiskey and Vodka. 

Taste the difference

All Spirits are produced with the utmost attention to detail, quality ingredients and unique process to produce quality liquor bottle after bottle. Experience the difference of a quality Whiskey or Vodka. 

Small Batch

Small batch means just that. We are a small distillery producing limited quantities of quality products to maximize our distillers and customers satisfaction. Get yours now or get on the waiting list.

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Our Whiskey and Bourbon

Some Questions Answered:

Q:  Whats that smoky stuff in the bottom of  the bottle?

A;   Our Whiskey and Bourbon are Non Chill Filtered and as result when our Spirt rest in a bottle or gets cold some of the fatty acids and esters start to come out of suspension.

Q; I enjoy a glass neat but sometimes I like to add some ice, why does your whiskey get cloudy?

A:  Again, being a Non- Chill Filtered Spirit this is normal, all is ok!


Q;  I bought a Bottle of Vodka and have noticed a haze develop on the bottle, whats going on?

A;  The water we use in all of our products is high in mineral content, after a few weeks in the bottle sometimes, those minerals start to deposit on the bottle.  There is NOTHING wrong with your Vodka and it is fine to continue drinking as it is both safe and a normal process.

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We love our customers and meeting new customers. Find us at events and send us your pictures. We are working on distillery tours and tastings in the future.  We are located at 744 Riverland Drive #3 about 2 miles from Crested Butte in Riverland.

Coal Creek Distillery, LLC

PO Box 4224, Crested Butte, CO 81224

(970) 251-5189


By appointment only.